#UnderthingBabe Affiliate Program

About the Underthing Affiliate Program:

Affiliates are sent Underthing products to promote and are given a personalized Underthing discount code. When customers buy from Underthing using an affiliate discount code, the #UnderthingBabe receives 5% commission on the sale. To be accepted into the Underthing Affiliate Program, you must complete an application

Each accepted Underthing affiliate is dubbed an #UnderthingBabe for her bomb-ass style, bad-ass mentality and girl boss hustle! All affiliates gain access to the #UnderthingBabe Community group on Facebook to network with other influencers. This group gives influencers the opportunity to interact with like-minded people and receive exclusive deals.

The affiliate programs last six months and may be renewed after a performance review. Underthing affiliates also receive exclusive discounts for their hard work. The followers of Underthing affiliates benefit from additionally discounted access to affordable lingerie.

Join the Underthing Affiliate Program: http://bit.ly/2lgnVwI