Meet Serenity: Body Confidence Coach

I am so excited to kick-off this interview series on the Underthing blog! I am interviewing femme sex blogger, coaches, doulas, and more. These lovely ladies are giving womxn the opportunity to learn about sexual health and begin their pursuit for pleasure. Today, I begin the series talking to Serenity Hart!

What happens when you talk about the intersectionality of self acceptance and being a black woman? You get a bomb-ass body confidence coach like Serenity Hart. 

Serenity is a self-proclaimed nudist and naturist who has authentic conversations about falling in love with yourself. Her Instagram platform is an inspiration for taking nude for no one but yourself. Check out my chat with her on body confidence and self-discovery!


Serenity Hart


Kyla How did your journey as a body confidence coach begin?

Serenity Coaching has been something I’ve always done with my friends and other women I’ve met over the years. I just didn’t call it coaching. I realized when I got a life coach for myself that this is something I could really do on a professional level and extend my lessons onto more women who struggle with their body image.



Kyla What do you wish people knew or talked about in regards to body confidence?

Serenity I wish we as a society talked more about their low points in their lives. I wish we saw and read more real stories about both men and women who struggle with their confidence and how much social media has played a role in that. We glamorize everything we do not fully understanding the affect it has on the audience and even ourselves.

The constant need to show everyone that life is so amazing and perfect wears you down. It breaks you in so many physiological levels that we don’t acknowledge until we have that melt down or shut off completely. Struggle needs to an open discussion.


Kyla What are some ways body confidence affects sex or relationships that we may not even realize?

Serenity The way you feel about your body will ultimately reflect the way your partner sees you. When you’re confident in yourself, you attract others who will either level up to you or already be on the same page. Confidence is the sexiest thing you can wear.

Kyla How have your thoughts, feelings and approach toward body confidence evolved over the years?

Serenity: I thought I understood body confidence when I first started modeling and the truth be told it wasn’t until 5 years later when I chopped off all my hair. I didn’t realize how much I hid behind my weaves and wigs and that my struggle to identify beauty as a construct was real and unapologetic.

I feared my reflection, I feared rejection from men and even took a break from modeling for 3 months because of my anxiety around it. My body confidence really started to develop then. I was forced to see myself in my rawest form. Nothing to hid or cover to conceal. It was just me.



Serenity is also the creator of  Embrace Your Body Back, a platform devoted to "helping women share their magic" on digital platforms. Next week, she will be dropping an awesome Your Next Big Thing workbook to help women get started! To stay up to date with Serenity's adventures follow her on Instagram.

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