Meet Melissa: Lingerie Lover

I am so excited to continue the interview series on The Underneath! I am interviewing femme sex blogger, coaches, doulas, and more. These lovely ladies are giving womxn the opportunity to learn about sexual health and begin their pursuit for pleasure. Today, I begin the series talking to Melissa Cherniss!

Melissa is the founder of The Lace Appeal, an amazing lingerie and body positivity blog! She shares her obsessions with lingerie and it's "magical" powers. 

Melissa gives you unfiltered girl talk about self love and the journey to discovering sexy for yourself. Check out my chat with her on body confidence and self-discovery!

Underthing Interview: Melissa of The Lace Appeal

Kyla How did you journey as a lingerie blogger begin?

Melissa It's kind of a long story. About ten years ago, I watched the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show for the very first time. I sat on my living room floor staring at the screen totally in awe of the angels strutting with confidence down the runway.  Whatever they had, I wanted it and kept thinking, everyone who wore lingerie should feel that same emotion when they put on their bras and panties!

Honestly, I would've been an avid customer if they hadn't aired their holiday commercial as soon as the show was over. It was one of those over-sexualized scenes speaking directly to men on what their woman wants this holiday season.  As if that woman wasn't there watching. It was a buzzkill for me.

From that moment on, I knew I wanted to enter the lingerie industry hoping to make a few changes. In April 2017, I finally grew the courage to enter the lingerie world by launching The Lace Appeal. Thinking if I was going to do this, I had to do it "right." I quit my job two months later and have been on this journey ever since.

 Melissa of The Lace Appeal

Kyla What do you wish people knew or talked about in regards to body confidence?

Melissa What works for someone else, might not work for you and that's more than okay! We're living in a time of information overload. You log onto social media, you see someone is saying "working out will make you happy."  You see someone else preaching "if you're working out you're conforming to a sexist society." All of these mixed messages can make your head spin.

But I think it's important to take a look at your life, your lifestyle, and make a choice that works best for you. Fuck what anyone else has to say.

Melissa of The Lace Appeal

Kyla What are some ways body confidence affects sex or relationships that we may not even realize?

Melissa Piggy-backing on the previous question a little bit, but if you're with someone that doesn't share the same values. And I think before anyone gets into a relationship with anyone, they have to love themselves first. Because how can you give something to someone when you're not giving it to yourself? It's like trying to pour a glass of water from an empty Brita.  

Melissa of The Lace Appeal

Kyla When do you feel most powerful?

Melissa As silly as this may sound, dancing in my lingerie to "Call On Me" by Eric Prydz. Because it's pretty powerful to let yourself feel free.  

Kyla So, how do you take care of yourself?

Melissa A daily routine, it gives me peace of mind! Always a good bra, preferably in black lace. A morning workout and skincare. 

Melissa of The Lace Appeal

Kyla How do you speak to your friends about lingerie?

Melissa I really try to encourage them to get a proper bra fitting. Personally, I think that is one of the most empowering experiences a person can have. And to have fun with it. I've been guilty of it in the past by wearing boring basic bras. Assuming all the cute styles are uncomfortable, but that's the biggest misconception out there.

Outside of lace lingerie, Melissa also loves good music check out her playlists featured on The Lace Appeal. To stay up to date with Melissa's adventures follow her on Instagram.

Stay tuned for our next video interview with Molly-Margaret of What's Wrong With My Vagina, dropping next week!

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